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[infolist arrow=”style-2″ title=”1837″]Norway House established as Hudson Bay Company Administrative Centre[/infolist][infolist arrow=”style-2″ title=”1840″]Methodist Mission established in Norway House[/infolist][infolist arrow=”style-2″ title=”1840-1877″]Sandy Bar Cree/Saulteaux community established at Sandy Bar/Grassy Narrows[/infolist][infolist arrow=”style-2″ title=”1869″]Hudson Bay Company transfer of Rupert’s Land to the Crown[/infolist][infolist arrow=”style-2″ title=”1870 +”]Decline of the fur Trade[/infolist][infolist arrow=”style-2″ title=”June 1874″]Chief David Rundle petitions for Treaty and to relocate to farm land[/infolist][infolist arrow=”style-2″ title=”December 1874″]NWT Council resolution supporting removal to Grassy Narrows, sent to Ottawa[/infolist][infolist arrow=”style-2″ title=”February 1875″]Chief David Rundle petitions to relocate to Grassy Narrows/Sandy Bar to farm[/infolist][infolist arrow=”style-2″ title=”14 May 1875″]Minister of Interior approves relocation to Grassy Narrows[/infolist][infolist arrow=”style-2″ title=”June 1875″]20 Norway House families relocated to Grassy Narrows/Sandy Bar[/infolist][infolist arrow=”style-2″ title=”5 August 1875″]Icelandic delegation made official request for land of Grassy Narrows/Sandy Bar[/infolist][infolist arrow=”style-2″ title=”6 August 1875″]Peter Badger delegation met with Lieutenant Gov. Morris and told “No”[/infolist][infolist arrow=”style-2″ title=”6 August 1875”]Peter Badger delegation met with Lieutenant Gov. Morris and told “No”[/infolist][infolist arrow=”style-2″ title=”24 September 1875″]Treaty 5 Negotiations: Sandy Bar Band (now Fisher River) selected for relocation by Government[/infolist][infolist arrow=”style-2″ title=”1877″]Sandy Bar Band wiped out by smallpox[/infolist][infolist arrow=”style-2″ title=”Fall 1877″]Norway House Cree (remaining Sandy Bar Band) relocated to Fisher River[/infolist][infolist arrow=”style-2″ title=”1878″]Survey of Fisher River Indian Reserve and first Treaty Annuity Pay List[/infolist][infolist arrow=”style-2″ title=”1881″]Norway House and Fisher River divided into two Bands[/infolist][infolist arrow=”style-2″ title=”1908”]Treaty 5 Adhesion[/infolist]
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