Indian Affairs has caused us long delays and many obstacles for us to get an opportunity to create and develop on our lands, we always have to wait for an approval.
However, Aski Ita Sowaywin (Land Code) can change that.

Many benefits can come from there.
❱❱ Reclaiming the control and Management of our Land and Resources.

Protecting Reserve Land for future generations decisions regarding our lands and resources will be in the hands of FRCN citizens.

❱❱ FRCN will have the opportunity for increased environmental protection of our lands

❱❱ ASKI ITA SOWAYWIN (LAND CODE) DOES NOT turn us into a Municipality

❱❱ It DOES NOT affect our treaty or aboriginal rights

❱❱ It DOES NOT affect the lands that were selected or the ones that will be selected

❱❱ Law can be made on how to manage and protect our lands resources

❱❱ It will be the responsibility of the leadership to ensure laws are set, on how to manage and protect for the benefit of FRCN citizens

❱❱ Canada still holds the title to the land, but they will have no authority to tell us how to control and manage our lands and resources

❱❱ Lands cannot be sold, we have to control and manage our lands for the benefit of future generations

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