In regards to the COVID -19 Pandemic, this is to advise that  Chief and Council have declared a State of Emergency for Fisher River Cree Nation .
Please see attached BCR which outlines why,  and the authorization that it gives Chief and Council to implement certain actions for the community.



26th Day / March / 2020

Whereas: The Chief & Council of the Fisher River Cree Nation are empowered by the people to act on behalf of the First nation and are recognized as having such authority by the Government of Canada pursuant to the
Indian Act; and,

Whereas: As a direct result of the World Health Organization (WHO) declaring a pandemic for Corona Virus
(COVID -19) and Premier Brian Pallister’s announcement on March 20th, 2020 declaring a Provincial State of
Emergency, the Fisher River Cree Nation (FRCN) is declaring a state of emergency. Chief and Council do hereby declare a health emergency providing them with authority to limit freedom of travel and entry to the Fisher River Cree Nation, and the assembling of gatherings/events, and to impose restrictions to any other activities in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Chief and Council want to protect the health and safety of all members of the Fisher River Cree Nation; and,

Whereas: The community of Fisher River Cree Nation has also implemented an Emergency Road Check-Stop
points entering into the FRCN for the safety of its members and also for the safety of other individuals residing in the surrounding areas; and,

Whereas: Fisher River Cree Nation’s Pandemic Planning Team are working at full capacity to assure the Health and Safety of all community members. All practical steps will be taken to maintain our health-care system; and to help flatten the curve and reduce the spread of COVID -19 for our community.

Therefore, be it resolved: Chief and Council affirm the State of Emergency due to the pandemic issued by the World Health Organization for Corona Virus ( COVID-19) for the community of Fisher River Cree Nation; and, that the Federal Government immediately provide the necessary support pursuant to its Treaty obligations to stop the spread of COVID -19 in our community. Canada has a legal duty under its treaty obligations to protect the health and welfare of the people of the Fisher River Cree Nation.

In this crisis Chief and Council are the sole authorized representatives of the Fisher River Cree Nation and do not authorize any entity to address our unique concerns other than Chief and Council.

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