Tansi Parents,

We hope that students and families are remaining healthy and safe during these unprecedented and challenging times. In the wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic, our primary concern remains the health and well being of our students, staff and community.


As we continue to adapt to change to the evolving nature of this pandemic, it is important that your child/children are registered at Charles Sinclair School and/or Fisher River High School.

To date, the majority of students in N-12 have registered. For those few who have yet to register for Nursery to Grade 8, registration is still available online at the Fisher River Cree Nation facebook page or onsite at the applicable school. It is very important to contact the schools if you need assistance registering your child. Course selection and course changes is now closed for Grade 9-12.

In the case where a school aged child living in the community continues to not be registered, Intertribal Family Services will need to be contacted.


We are pleased to announce that online devices and programs have been procured for all students in Nursery to Grade 12 and will begin shortly.

Students who are registered at CSS or FHRS will receive either a laptop (Grades 5 to 12) or an iPad (Nursery to Grade 4).  Each household will also be receiving one mi-fi device for internet service in the homes (no cost to families).  This will enable the students to interact with their teachers remotely when classes move online. If your child is not registered, they will not receive these online learning tools and resources so it is imperative that every school age child is registered at the applicable school (Nursery-Grade 8).

The online learning devices (iPads and laptops) are being given to the students. It will be their responsibility to ensure proper care and handling of these devices. Unfortunately, we will not be replacing any of the devices if there is evidence of misuse or mishandling.

The mifi devices for Nursery to Grade 12 are on loan to students and parents. These devices have a monthly subscription that will be paid for while online learning is in place.  We are confident that parents and students will take care of these devices and ensure that they do not go missing. Again, we are limited in the number of these items – they will not be replaced.  All serial numbers will be recorded for all devices and assigned to students and parents when they pick up at the schools.


The CSS teaching team will continue to provide homework packs and will be releasing two-week packages beginning Tuesday, October 13. This means that Nursery to Grade 6 students will have additional time to complete the packages. The due date to return packs will be Monday, October 26.

Online learning for Grade 5 and 6 will begin next week (date tba). Parents of students in Grade 5 and 6 will be notified when they can come to pick up the laptops and mifi devices. The iPads for Nursery to Grade 4 students will be available in 4-5 weeks. Online learning for N-4 will begin once learning devices are received.

The FRHS teaching team will move to online learning for Grade 7 to 12 on Tuesday, October 13. The third and final homework pack for Grade 7-12 is now ready for pick up at FRHS.


Returned homework packs and online learning are graded and assessed so it is mandatory that packages are returned and online learning is taking place as scheduled. Report cards will reflect marks based on these grades and assessments.


We strongly urge parents to call the teachers at the applicable school if you or your child have questions and/or are experiencing problems with any of the homework/online work that is provided. Teachers are here to help and answer questions.

  • N-6 Teachers can be contacted at 204-645-2206
  • 7-12 Teachers can be contacted at 204-645-3313

We recognize that at home and online learning can cause stress for our school community and we thank our parents for the continued patience and cooperation in ensuring children are registered and homework packages are being completed and returned. We reiterate the importance of calling teachers at either school if your child needs assistance. We will gladly help.

With this, we encourage everyone to continue practising health and safety protocols and to continue being kind.

Together we can get through this.


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