Tansi Community membership,

This is to notify the community of changes made for operation of the VLT Centre because of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

1.When is the VLT Centre going to be re-opening?

We Are using the target date of July 6, 2020. We are currently waiting for our supplies (hand sanitizers, gloves, masks, etc.) and expect them to here this week.

2. What is the player limit, if any?

We will only have 28 machines out of 70 in operation so will only be allowing 28 players in at a time. This is how we can ensure social distancing for both staff and players safety.

3. Would people be able to hang around or visit at the VLT Centre?

No this will not be allowed because of the limited number of machines available and because of the limited number of people allowed into the establishment.

4. Are players allowed to go for smoke breaks?

Again because of the limited number of machines and limited number of players allowed into the VLT Centre, this would not be allowed right now. The only reason a player would be able to leave their machine sign as occupied would be to go the washroom, purchase a drink or snack from the vending machine, to get change from cashier or use the ATM.

5. What safety precautions are going to be done?

We are going to do our best to keep promoting social distancing and good hygiene by having a player limit and hand sanitizer stations available. We will also be providing players with gloves and masks (if needed for the masks). We may also be monitoring our customer’s temperature as they enter into the establishment. (As long as we can get the equipment, not sure when we may receive equipment as it is on backorder). We will also be sanitizing the machines and spraying the chair after each player’s usage. We are also switching to individual creamers and individual sugar packages for coffee, as coffee will have to be requested from staff by the drink cooler to limit the amount of people touching the stir sticks, coffee whitener and sugar containers. Unfortunately, we will also be removing the public phone, so customers will not have access to the phone to help with not spreading of germs.

I hope that this answers some of the questions you may have and feel free to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions and/or concerns. I can be reached at 204-645-4310 or email frcnbarry@mymts.net

Thanks for your understanding and co-operation on this matter, as we the staff of the VLT’s, want to provide a safe environment for your gaming pleasure.

Ekosi, yours truly,

Barry Wilson, VLT Manager

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