UPDATE: Return Home Plan

On October 17, 2019 the Fisher River Community members, except for members of 44A will be returning home. There will be five buses that will arrive at the Convention Center to pick up the community members at 12:00 (noon). Red Cross will transport the Community members from the hotels and take them to the Convention Center. Upon your arrival at Convention Center please proceed to the Red Cross booth so that you can pick up your gas card, this is for those that came in their own private vehicle. Must provide vehicle registration plus your Red Cross registration card. Fisher River Staff members will be on hand to help with the return home.

More information and instructions will be provided by Red Cross in a separate bulletin.


For the Evacuees that are registered with RED CROSS in Winnipeg:

This is to advise that Red Cross will be providing Gas Cards tomorrow at 3:00 pm at the Convention Center. In order for you to obtain a gas card you must provide your vehicle registration. More information will be posted by Red Cross on how how to obtain these.


As for the Gift Card: A $250.00 grocery card will provided to every head of household upon returning home, and to help offset the food cost the band will also provide an additional $100 Purchase order that will be provided to everyone residing on reserve 18 years and over.


For the Evacuees that have not left the community during the Hydro Outage:

First step is to register at the Community Hall with Colleen Amos so that you can obtain your grocery card and purchase order.

The $100 Purchase order will be issued at 7:30 P.M. tonight.

A Grocery Card of $250.00 will be issued to every head of household tomorrow evening.

Please note that the Grocery Card can be used at Fisher Branch Co-op, and the P.O. will be used for the Fisher River Grocery Store. Please note that the P.O. should be used for groceries and fuel only. (no tobacco, lotteries or gift cards).

Thank you for your patience during this whole ordeal,

Chief David Crate
Darrell Thaddeus
Joshua Sinclair
Carl Cochrane
Vince Crate

Brokenhead Chief & Council visit Fisher River

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