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Fisher River Health Centre



Healthy Individuals and Families living in a safe and Healthy Community


Fisher River Health Services will create and deliver health services that will utilize approaches to support and enhance the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well being of the individual, families and community

Approaches will:

  • Be culturally appropriate, respectful, and responsive to the community health needs.

  • Be considerate of traditional and western approaches to health & well-being.

  • Enhance, empower, and support the individual, family, and community to take responsibility over their own health.

  • Promote and facilitate multi-sectoral community planning

  • Be innovative and create internal and external partnerships that are necessary to improve and ensure access to health services that support all FRHC members.

Community Health Priorities

The FRHC Public Health Team is responsible for delivering the Mandatory and Community Health Programs, Environmental Health and Public Health programs and services within the community.


Fisher River Wellness Team

The Fisher River Wellness Team works with the community to establish healthy lifestyles through a comprehensive and holistic approach integrating the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual components of wellness. Linkages have been developed with external services within treatment centers and visiting mental health specialists.

Public Health Team

Fisher River Health Services is responsible to provide health services to all it’s register members living within the Fisher River Cree Nation geographical area. The community health priorities identified through the needs assessment process have been framed a 5 year comprehensive community health plan which facilities consistency of quality care and to support program deliverables.

Home & Community Care Program Team

Responsible for delivering the HCCP within the community within three domains.

  • Nursing

  • Personal Care

  • Homemaking

Medical Transport Program Team

The program is responsible for providing and coordinating transportation services and ensuring coverage for necessary meals & accommodations for external medical appointments.

Aboriginal Head Start On-Reserve Team

The FRHS receives funds to support the AHSOR program team which is managed by the band, The program is responsible for supporting the development of the physical, intellectual, social, spiritual and emotional well being of children.

Health Education/Health Promotion

Health education and health promotion activities are carried out collaboratively by all members of the public health team. A cultural and traditional component is incorporated also with all programs in areas of medicine picking, teachings, traditional crafts, missionary support with respect to all areas of various beliefs.


FRHS is within the catchment area of the Interlake-Eastern RHA which utilizes networks with various services such as the Diabetes Mobile Team, Crisis Responsible Mobile Team, Dialysis Unit treatment & education program. FRHS is in a collaborative partnership with Grand Medicine for pharmaceutical services. Kidney Foundation of Canada School Curriculum: “Our Children, Their Health” Our Future. Northern Medical Unit: Physician Services.

MB TeleHealth Team

Enabling access to health care services that overcome barriers of distance and time. Telehealth is the use of information technology to connect people to health care services at a distance.
A high-speed, secure, video link is used to connect clients to health care providers at different locations in Manitoba.
You are able to see, hear and talk to your care provider on a television screen and they will be able to see, hear, and talk to you.
MBTelehealth also provides professional education programs and administrative support to rural health authorities.


Fisher River Health Centre
Telephone: 1-204-645-2689
P.O. Box 362
Koostatak, Manitoba
R0C 1S0

Director of Health: Caroline Sinclair

Fisher River Cree Nation is a community in which our history, language, traditions, and culture are paramount to who we are as a people. We will protect and maintain the spirit and intent of the treaties and our inherent rights. Fisher River will be a self-sustaining progressive community with a strong and accountable government. We will provide an environment where all people are healthy, safe, and respected.