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Fisher River Grocery Launches Rewards Member Program

todayFebruary 14, 2022 206

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The Fisher River Grocery Rewards Member Program is a loyalty reward program that is operated by Fisher River Grocery and our loyalty program provider, ACKROO Inc.

or ask for a Card in store!

How to Register in the Program

You can get a Fisher River Grocery Loyalty card at Fisher River Grocery by requesting one from our frontline staff. The Card may only be used once issued by a Fisher River Grocery clerk. Once issued, Fisher River Grocery Loyalty rewards will begin to accrue to that specific card. However, a cardholder will not be able to redeem Fisher River Grocery Loyalty rewards until the cardholder registers the card online.

The Fisher River Grocery Loyalty Card is not a credit card or debit card but merely a Fisher River Grocery Loyalty rewards accumulation card. The Fisher River Grocery Loyalty Card is the property of Fisher River Grocery and it may be revoked at any time by Fisher River Grocery in its sole discretion. Fisher River Grocery reserves the right to cancel the card of any member (revoking all accumulated cash rewards) should a participant not follow/or abuses, the Program and/or its Terms and Conditions.

Collecting Fisher River Grocery Rewards Member Points

Once a Card is issued, each time an eligible purchase at a participating location is made, the Participant will earn Fisher River Grocery Member Rewards according to the Fisher River Grocery Member Rewards schedule contained in these Terms and Conditions and at the rate posted on the Fisher River Grocery website. Only one Fisher River Grocery Loyalty account number is issued per customer and only one Fisher River Grocery Loyalty Card is permitted per customer. Please note that anyone may use a Participant’s primary card, and in so doing all Fisher River Grocery Member Rewards accrued through any such usage will accrue in the name of the Participant associated with the card number being used.

Customers are required to present their Fisher River Grocery Loyalty card before the final transaction payment is taken by the store clerk. If a participant does not present their card at the time of purchase, no retroactive accumulation of Fisher River Grocery Member Rewards will occur. Thus, the only opportunity to collect Fisher River Grocery Member Rewards is at the time of an actual purchase in coordination with the Participant presenting their card.

Fisher River Grocery Member Rewards issued on a transaction will be shown on the cash register receipt issued at the time of purchase. In the event of communication loss with the server that records the accrual of Fisher River Grocery Member Rewards, a customer will be awarded automatically when the system regains communication with the server and the new balance will be printed on the next customer receipt).

A Participant’s Fisher River Grocery Loyalty account will also be accessible online from the cardholder portal by visiting which a Participant is able to access by using the Participant’s own unique password. In the event of a discrepancy between the Fisher River Grocery Member Rewards issuance and/or balance on a receipt and/or those posted online and/or as contained in Ackroo Inc’s internal database, the information appearing in Ackroo Inc’s database will be taken as accurate. The information appearing online is initially generated from point of sale computer transactions as they occur at Fisher River Grocery locations and for this reason, the information appearing online may not accurately reflect data contained on Ackroo’s internal database.

If a Fisher River Grocery Rewards Member Program participant has an issue or feels there is a discrepancy with the value of Fisher River Grocery Member Rewards earned on a particular transaction, the participant has 30 days from the date of the transaction on their receipt to contact Fisher River Grocery and report on the matter; after 30 days from the date of a respective transaction, any respective amount of Fisher River Grocery Member Rewards appearing in relation to that transaction in Ackroo Inc’s database that has not been questioned by a program participant will be deemed not to be contested and no adjustments will be made. If it’s discovered that Fisher River Grocery Member Rewards were not properly issued or redeemed, Fisher River Grocery, in its sole discretion reserves the right to make any adjustments the Fisher River Grocery Member Rewards to correct any discrepancies.

When a participant makes a return and/or exchange, the Fisher River Grocery Member Rewards will be deducted from the participant’s account. The amount of rewards deducted will equal the amount of Fisher River Grocery Member Rewards issued for the returned item or service. If the return and/or exchange relates to an item/service acquired through the redemption of Fisher River Grocery Member Rewards, all redeemed Fisher River Grocery Member Rewards will be returned in their format.

If there is no activity on a participants, account for 12 consecutive calendar months, Fisher River Grocery reserves the right to terminate the account and no credit of any kind will be given to the participant. The accumulation of Fisher River Grocery Member Rewards does not entitle the participant to any financial stake hold as Fisher River Grocery Member Rewards remain the property of Fisher River Grocery in perpetuity.

Fisher River Grocery may from time to time offer extra Fisher River Grocery Member Rewards on selected in-store merchandise and/or services. In these cases the amount of extra Fisher River Grocery Member Rewards advertised in-store will be awarded in addition to the base amount awarded pursuant to rewards schedule posted on the Fisher River Grocery website (in the case of any difference between the rewards schedule posted on the Fisher River Grocery website and reward schedules posted elsewhere, the Fisher River Grocery website shall be taken as accurate). Items which are made eligible for earning extra Fisher River Grocery Member Rewards pursuant to the rewards schedule are subject to a limited purchase of one item per visit/transaction unless otherwise stated.

How to Redeem Fisher River Grocery Member Rewards

Fisher River Grocery Member Rewards are redeemable, pursuant to the terms contained in these Terms and Conditions.

As per applicable tax legislation, GST, PST, HST and any other taxes are calculated and payable by the Participant on the full amount of the purchase price before any reduction for redeemed rewards.

In order to redeem, Fisher River Grocery Member Rewards, the card must be registered. Additionally, to redeem Fisher River Grocery Loyalty reward, a Participant must present their registered card at the time of redemption. At that time, the Participant’s Fisher River Grocery Member Rewards balance will be reduced by the amount of Fisher River Grocery Member Rewards redeemed. Fisher River Grocery Member Rewards can be redeemed in any amount, granted the required amount of Fisher River Grocery Member Rewards exists in the Participant’s account prior to a purchase/redemption taking place. Fisher River Grocery Member Rewards can only be redeemed by the Participant who is the registered Participant of the account holding the Fisher River Grocery Member card. Fisher River Grocery will not be held liable for any unauthorized purchases/redemptions made by anyone other than the registered Participant. Redemption of Fisher River Grocery Member Rewards can only take place if the Fisher River Grocery Member Rewards server (operated by Ackroo Loyalty Inc) is fully operational and the Participant has an account which is in good standings with the program.

Fisher River Grocery may add or delete products and services eligible for Fisher River Grocery Loyalty redemption at any time without notice. In addition, Fisher River Grocery may substitute products and services eligible for redemption with those of equal or greater value at its discretion.

Fisher River Grocery Member Rewards have no value except as applied towards the purchase of goods and services offered for sale at participating Fisher River Grocery locations. Nor are they exchangeable for cash and cannot be used to make card payment. Fisher River Grocery Member Rewards cannot be sold or purchased and are void if sold for cash or any other consideration.

By redeeming their Fisher River Grocery Loyalty reward, the Participant shall at that time be deemed to have automatically released Fisher River Grocery from any and all liabilities and/or claims regarding the redemption and the use of the reward and any loss or damage caused by goods and services supplied as a reward.


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