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Election Code

The Fisher River Cree Nation Election Code was developed to replace the election protocols and policies set by the Indian Act and the federal government. This is an important step as we continue to move towards self-determination.
The Election Code was developed through community consultation and focus groups.

FRCN held its first referendum vote in March, 2023. The majority of votes cast were in favour of the proposed custom election code. But, due to the difficult referendum threshold imposed by Indigenous Services Canada, FRCN could not adopt the code. As per referendum guidelines, FRCN will follow through with a second vote.

If you require assistance with the vote, please contact Shirley N. Cochrane (Electoral Officer) or Colleen Amos (Assistant Electoral Officer) at 204-645-2171. If you would like a copy of the proposed FRCN Election Code, please contact Tanya, 204-260-9240.

Key Points

  • Criminal Record Checks will be required before Election Day; Under present Indian Act election code, Criminal Record Checks are not required.
  • Under the FRCN Election Code, eligibility will be a Minimum Grade 10 and 18+. Under the present Indian Act system, there is no eligibility other than candidate needs to be 18+.
  • FRCN Election Code states a candidate cannot run for Chief and a council position, may only run for one position. With the present Indian Act code, a candidate can run for both Chief and Council positions and be elected into both positions.
  • FRCN Election Code will allow for members of council to properly get accustomed to their position by holding office for 4 years. Under the Indian Act system, the 2-year term is not long enough time for members of council to get accustomed to their position.
  • Under the present Indian Act system, which FRCN presently follows, the terms for removal from office are very limited. The FRCN Election Code ensures there is a fair process that allows for the community to have a say if they wish to pursue removing a person from office.
  • FRCN will establish an Election Appeals Committee who will hold office for a four-year term, starting the day after appointment. They will hear and render decisions on all election appeals. Under the present Indian Act system, all decisions are determined by Indigenous Services Canada.
  • FRCN may in General Assembly, from time to time, create and appoint a committee of five Electors called the Custom Election Code Committee, to advise and make recommendations to Council and the General Assembly concerning this Code, and having the duties and responsibilities, powers and authorities set out in this Code. Under the Indian Act system, no such committee exists nor is it required.

If there are any questions, please contact Lorne Cochrane, 204-799-3484 or Tanya Cochrane, 204-260-9240

Notice is hereby given to the electors of the Fisher River Cree Nation that a 2nd Referendum Vote will be held to approve the Fisher River Cree Nation Election Code. 

Voting Dates:
12:00am May 10, 2023 – 11:59pm May 14, 2023

For Off-Reserve (1) day Poll Station: 

Canad Inn-Polo Park
Room: Ambassador G
1405 St Matthews Ave, Winnipeg
Monday, May 15, 2023
9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. 

For On-Reserve Voting Day will take place on:
Wednesday, May 17, 2023
9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Fisher River Cree Nation Community Centre

Click on the image to view the Election Code

Fisher River Cree Nation is a community in which our history, language, traditions, and culture are paramount to who we are as a people. We will protect and maintain the spirit and intent of the treaties and our inherent rights. Fisher River will be a self-sustaining progressive community with a strong and accountable government. We will provide an environment where all people are healthy, safe, and respected.