July 18, 2019

Be advised as follows:

Candidates for the position of Chief will be:

  1. David Crate
  2. Barry Wilson

Candidates for the position of Councillor will be:

  1. Alvin Amos (Dubby)
  2. Jeanette C. Amos
  3. Tony Bird
  4. Trevor Charrier
  5. Ben Cochrane (Benjo)
  6. Carl Cochrane (Poggy)
  7. Shirley Anne Cochrane
  8. Yvette Cochrane
  9. Vince Crate
  10. Cameron Kirkness
  11. Delaney Jay Mason
  12. Dana Michael James Murdock
  13. Marilyn Murdock-Hart
  14. Josh Sinclair
  15. Darrell Thaddeus
  16. Barry Wilson
  17. Kathy Joan Wood

Candidate who have withdrawn:

  1. Kailey Arthurson
  2. Carol Cochrane
  3. Gloria Cook
  4. Jeremy Neault
  5. Keith A. Sinclair
  6. Jennifer Spence

Yours truly,

Shirley N. Cochrane
Electoral Officer

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