Tansi Parents/Guardians & Students,

This message is for the parents and students from grades 5-12. The students in 9-12 have had the opportunity to pick up their laptops and Mifi devices at the high school. The grade 5-8 laptops and Mifi devices will be ready for pick up next week. We notify you when these are ready.

We wanted to provide some additional information regarding the devices that were provided and to clarify some questions that have come forward.

The laptops that have been provided are given to the students we will not be asking for these to be returned. However, some students received a gently used laptop that will be replaced with a new one once the rest of the order arrives. We will issue notice when those are ready. Students will bring in the issued laptop and exchange it for a new one.

The Mifi device is the property of the Fisher River Board of Education (FRBOE). These are on loan to the student and FRBOE will be covering the monthly subscription cost associated with those devices until at least February 2021.  There is some important facts that you need to know regarding these devices.  The plan that is in place for these items include an unlimited data plan, but excessive use and downloading may result in the speed being reduced for your device. These Mifi devices have been provided so that students can connect with their teachers and peers and to engage in learning and research. These items should not be used for gaming or high definition video streaming.

Both of the devices are the responsibility of the parent and student. Should you have any issues with either not working properly we are happy to help to try and resolve any issues.  If you have any questions regarding the devices you can contact Mr. Dumas at the education office, and for technical issues you can contact Mr. Hawkins.  If you have any questions about login information please contact Mrs. Bouchey or Mr. Hrechka at the high school. We will not be able to replace lost or misused items. If there are issues with the items that are the result of manufacturing default, please contact the school.

We hope that the education experience for our children will improve in this time of the pandemic.

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