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How to use the Home COVID-19 Rapid Antigen kit

todayFebruary 4, 2022 80 1

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  • Your kit comes with enough components for five tests, including five test cartridges, five sterile swabs that look like a Q-Tip, five tubes and caps and five buffer bottles with
  • Before your start, make sure everything is at room temperature and your testing area is free from Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before you begin. Get your child to wash their hands too and have them gently blow their nose into a tissue.
  • Open the buffer bottle with solution and add it to an empty tube.
  • Open the sterile swab package, making sure the tip of this swab doesn’t touch
  • Tilt your child’s head back and insert the swab 5 centimeters inside your child’s nostril. Be very careful not to insert it more than two centimeters.
  • Move the swab in a circle inside of the nostril for at least five seconds. Then, press your child’s nostril down against the swab and spin the tip for five more Now, using the same swab, repeat the same thing in the other nostril.
  • Put the swab inside the tube, ensuring that it’s completely covered by the Mix it really well, occasionally squeezing the tube against the swab at least five times.
  • Pull the swab halfway out of the tube, locate the breakpoint on the swab and snap the stick, letting it fall to the bottom of the Avoid touching the swab and contaminating the sample during the process. Close the tube with the cap provided.
  • Open the test cartridge Take your tube and unscrew the bottom. Add five drops of the liquid onto the test side of the cartridge. Put the end back on the tube and set aside.
  • Set your timer for 15 minutes. When the timer goes off and the result is positive, you’ll see two lines– one line under the “C” and one line under the “T” on the test cartridge. If yourself or your child is positive, take them to get tested at Health Services – Call 431.256.0395. If the result is negative, you’ll only see a line under the “C”. Remember, a negative test result does not rule out COVID-19. All public health guidelines must continue to be followed.
  • Finally, if something went wrong with the test, you won’t see a line at all or may only see a line under the “T”. If this happens, throw the test away and start
  • Tests are to be administered every three to four days until the Kit (five tests) is completed.


Written by: fisherriver

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